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Your Industrial Partner


Main products:
1. High strength fasteners: Standard 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 for advanced projects
2. Pressure hoses: High quality hoses and fittings 
3. Fuel pumps : Fuel management 
4. Industrial parts

5. Tools and Hardware



Welcome to Bulloneria Durrës !

Your first choice for fasteners and industrial parts!





+15 Years 


Our store is your go-to destination for high-quality, precision-engineered fasteners that ensure durability and reliability. From bolts to nuts, we've got you covered. Elevate your projects with fasteners designed for perfection.

Bullon gjysem i filetuar DIN 931 10.9
Bullon me koke hegzagonal DIN 912 12.9
Bullon me koke konike DIN 7991 10.9
Bullon koke cader DIN 603 10.9
Bullon DIN 7380 10.9
Dado DIN 5587 Class.10
Dado autobllokante DIN 982 class.10
Dado me rondele
Dado Kollonet
Rondele Piat DIN125
Rondele grover
Dado me kurore
Rondele e dhembezuar
Rondele speciale e dhembezuar
Rondele nord-lock
Tuba presioni dhe rakoderi


We offer a comprehensive range of products designed for reliability and optimal performance. From high-pressure hoses to precision fittings, we've got the essentials to keep your hydraulic systems running seamlessly. Explore quality, durability, and expertise – all in one place. Elevate your fluid solutions with Bulloneria Durrës.


Welcome to the forefront of fuel management solutions. Bulloneria Durrës is your trusted partner for cutting-edge gas pumps and management systems. Our products redefine efficiency, offering seamless control over fuel dispensing and tracking. From state-of-the-art pumps to intuitive management systems, we bring innovation to your fueling needs.

Pompe nafte self service
Pompe nafte self service
Pompe nafte self service
Kit nafte e kompletuar
Kit Adblue e kompletuar


We curate a diverse selection of high-quality tools designed to empower your projects. From hand tools to power tools, we've got the right gear to fuel your craftsmanship.

Why Bulloneria Durres?

​With a warehouse of over 5,000 m2 and 50,000 items, "Bulloneria Durres" is categorized as one of the most important Albanian distributors in this sector. In fact, since 2008 the company has been successfully dedicated to the trade of screws and bolts, a market in which it has specialized over time.

Thousands of items always available in stock, fast order processing and quick responses to customer requests, constant selection of qualified and certified suppliers, product quality at the highest level and always in compliance with national and international regulations : these are the "secret weapons" to achieve the objectives we have set.

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